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Netflix: The Club

One of the most successful Turkish drama productions ever is a success on Netflix, and is an honest attempt to explore Turkey's relations with its ethnic minority communities. The series could lead the charge for Turkish drama industry the conquer the final frontier of worldwide audiences in the English speaking world.

The Club is a period drama. Courtesy of Netflix.

With its top performing cast, costume, props, set design, and multi-layered story line, the Club is a big success.

Turkish dramas have long been conquering the hearts of the viewers across the non-English speaking countries with content already created for domestic audiences.

With the arrival of the Netflix, a new generation of producers are now utilising the deep pockets of the video streaming platform and knowhow they had gained over decades to create content which also appealing to British-drama-loving audiences.

The Club joins the list of high value productions by Turkish industry, and according to critics fail to win western audiences in general.

The series has so far scored 7.9 out or 10 on IMDB with some 8000 reviews.

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